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Beauty comes naturally in all its glorious diversity. Double Beauty serves the best recipes to honour your natural hair and beauty. ” Don’t just wear it, rock it”

Natural Monoi de Tahiti

Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment

Monoï Oil is a century-old recipe from Tahiti, traditionally used for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes. The rich combination of pure coconut oil and the healing Tiaré Flower make the delicious Monoi oil. This powerful blend helps to unlock your natural beauty assets. With pure love and nourishment Monoï Oil will give you the healthy hair and soft skin you’ve been longing for.

Double Beauty Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment

Organic Beauty products for hair & Skin

Double Beauty products are natural and plant based. We do not use parabens, dyes or any other harsh ingredients. The coconut oil is pressed from naturally fallen coconuts and the Tiare flowers are handpicked to ensure that the plant lives on and can produce many more beautiful flowers. With respect for nature and with love for your skin & hair our products are made. Enjoy it!

  • Starter Pack
  • $38
    • 100% Pure Products
    • Monoi Oil Treatment
    • Monoi Oil Daily Treasure
    • Free how-to-use guide
    • Lasts for up to 5 months
  • Fan Pack
  • $59
    • 100% Pure Products
    • Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment
    • Monoi Oil Daily Treasure
    • Monoi Oil Coco Dream Treatment
    • Brown Sugar Body scrub 50 gr
    • Free how-to-use guide
  • Ultimate Pack
  • $79
    • 100% Pure Products
    • Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment
    • Monoi Oil Daily Treasure
    • Monoi Oil Coco Dream
    • Brown Sugar Body scrub 50 gr
    • Day & Night Water Spritzer
    • Free how-to-use guide
    • Gift bag packaging

Vegan Products

Double Beauty products are all natural, vegan and animal friendly. Our ingredients are plant based and produced with respect for nature. Fair and gentle products made with love.

Organic & Pure

Our products contain no parabens, no dyes and no harsh ingredients. You can be sure that Double Beauty products are gentle for your body and healthy for your skin & hair. Pure ingredients that make your natural beauty pop.

Natural Beauty

We believe that beauty comes naturally and it’s up to us all to nourish it. Providing natures best recipes to enhance natural beauty in all of our glorious diversity. Find pure natural products to inspire you to lead the healthiest, happiest lifestyle available.

Recycle Packaging

Almost all our products are made with sustainable materials that are suitable for recycling. Is your Double Beauty packaging empty? Don't trow it out, but use it in your daily beauty or kitchen routine. Fill it up with oils, water, gels and other desires mixtures.

Monoi Oil

Shop the Double Beauty products and feel the difference.